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Calendars and Menus

foodguideAt the beginning of each month, a monthly calendar is posted on the bulletin board inside the facility. This calendar contains information regarding themes and projects for the month, music and library dates, special eventsot guests, and birthdays in the class. The calendars are posted on the bulletin board for each class. Each learning centre is programmed according to the projects/themes that week.

Menus, follows the guidelines set out by the Canada Food Guide and rotates every two weeks. They are posted by the Kitchen. It is the parent(s)/guardian(s)’ responsibility to notify the preschool of any allergies or dietary restrictions. Two nutritional snacks and a hot lunch are served daily, all prepared on the premises. All children in attendance participate with the exception of children with medically documented food allergies. We will try to accommodate children with food allergies and restrictions, however when not possible parents will be asked to substitute from home. Drinking water will be obtained from the water cooler at the preschool.

Sample Calendars

Take a look at the following samples of a typical calendar for both our Toddler and Preschool Programs to see how wonderful early learning can be!

Toddler Program


Preschool Program