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Preschool Program - 3 to 5 years

Preschoolers are ready to learn many new concepts including colors, shapes, numbers, size, position, patterning, sequencing, vocabulary, and listening skills. There is also plenty of time for running, jumping, climbing, dancing and developing social skills by functioning as part of a group. All of these skills are presented in a fun-filled way both inside the classroom and out in the playground. The teacher/child ratio is 1:8 in the preschool room. A hot lunch and two nutritious snacks are provided daily.

Every child is provided with their own cot and bed sheet. The sheets are laundered weekly or as needed. The cots are labeled and remain the child's for the duration of the child's stay. Children are to be provided with blankets and a sleep toy from home. Each child will have a clipboard with information on his/her day at their cubby. Parents are required to fill out the top portion of the report at drop off time. My Little Preschool holds 2 Parent-Teacher conferences in the course of the year.