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Curriculum - Enrichment Activities

My Little Preschool offers a flexible program based on emergent curriculum and project approach. Emergent curriculum and project approach are developed by Early Childhood Educators according to the interests and needs of the children. Using age and developmentally- appropriate materials, equipment and toys, qualified educators guide and support the children to participate in planned activities.

Every age group and classroom has a variety of activities. Within each classroom, there are activity stations including but not limited to: an area for blocks, a house or dramatic play corner, an area for table toys, an art centre, a sand and water centre, a library/reading area, and a music area.

The following learning domains provide guidelines for our daily activities.

Children learn about the world through play, either alone or in groups. Learning occurs when the environment allows children to role-play, practice social rules, express emotions in a non-threatening way and develop mental abilities through play. Children are born learners and are naturally curious. The preschool curriculum at the center stimulates the children's learning and creativity. A wide variety of activities and free play enhances social interaction and creativity through the use of imaginative play, blocks, science experiments, books, puzzles, Lego, table-top toys, construction toys, art activities, listening, music, movements, sand and water play. Gross motor activities consist of outdoor play and excursions.